Sunday, July 03, 2005

Scenes from Pinardville, NH

1.) After years of unsuccessful legislative proposals, New Hampshire established the country's first legal lottery system in 1964. A special ballot was held for NH cities and towns, and the sale of Sweepstakes tickets was overwhelmingly approved. But there were dissenting voices—Hilary's mother, Mary, then a child, was one. Dressed in their Catholic school clothes, Mary and some of her classmates rode through Pinardville on an anti-gambling parade float, playing cards and passing around the table a pretend bottle of whiskey. As Hilary remembers the story, the organizers of the float objected not just to the Sweepstakes as such, but especially to the fact that proceeds from it would benefit public education. How exactly this objection went is now unknown.

2.) Klamland and Kreamland [This had been a link, but the page with the photo has gone missing, and the text concerning Klamland and Kreamland seems to have been deleted. Explore the mystery and view other photos of Pinardville at Go to Pinardvile.]

P.S. The link is back for now. Please consider Klamland and Kreamland.

P.P.S. The story recounted in 1.) has been contested by Mary, the subject of the story, who claims that it was a pro-lotto float, that the parade was in New Boston, NH, and that she was in high school at the time, which would place the event in the mid-seventies, which, one wonders why such a float would still have been necessary.


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