Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dear Readers

Be patient! Do not give up on Fort Kant! Training for my summer job started last week (teaching English composition in a vestigial Great Society anti-poverty program that helps qualifying high school students prepare for college (it’s so Great Society that we risk losing Department of Agriculture funding if at mealtime the assigned Veggie Patrol doesn’t check off each student as having two fruits or vegetables and a glass of milk on his or her tray)), and I’ve been extremely busy. It'll be another week or so until I can concentrate more fully on the aesthetic and philosophical topics that concern this page, since my classes start this week, and next weekend I’ll be co-leading a camping trip to Acadia National Park, which is the sort of thing I never imagined I’d be doing. Last week I got to practice driving the big van and firing up the camp stove, and I’m learning campfire riddles, though I don’t yet know how to manage a campfire. Hikes TBA. Pack warm clothes!!!


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