Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Two for Tuesday

Raymond Williams, from The Country and the City:
[A]s the economy develops, enclosure can never really be isolated from the mainstream of land improvements, of changes in methods of production, of price-movements, and of those more general changes in property relationships which were all flowing in the same direction: an extension of cultivated land but also a concentration of ownership into the hands of a minority.
Anonymous, from "Jack of the North":
This I do and wyll with all my myght
for sclawnderyng me yet do I but ryght
for comon to the comons agayne I restore
Wherever it hathe ben yet comon before
If agayne they enclose it never so faste
agayne a sondre it shall be wraste
they maye be ware by that is paste
to make it agayne is but waste


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