Friday, April 22, 2005

That Each Singular Substance Expresses the Whole Universe in Its Own Way...

...and That All Its Events, Together with All Their Circumstances and the Whole Sequence of External Things, Are Included in Its Notion

Fort Kant has temporarily become a monad; its windows onto the outside world have been shuttered. The drawbridge has been hauled up and the portcullis lowered down.

On account of persistent harrassment I have disabled the comment function. Because of the limitations of my computer, it's not easy for me to delete comments from home, so this seemed to me to be the best move. Old comments have been saved, and I hope to find a way to display them. Those of you who know how to contact me are welcome to do so, and I will gladly add your comments to my posts, though I recognize that it's absurd to mediate communication in this fashion.

A stronger person might try to take back the night, but for now I accede to intimidation. This might be disappointing, but it can't be surprising. Violence gives power to whoever wants to use it; we knew this. No matter how we deal with it, intimidation reorders our choice situation, for we make decisions in light of probable consequences rather than ideal scenarios. And at this point it seems to me that leaving the comment function on is trouble than it's worth. When I am technologically in a better position to sort through comments, I may reconsider. For now let us meditate on the Leibnizian hope with which we began.


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